How Kristopher Constructs his art.


Kristopher's original paintings are constructed using traditional methods and he takes pride in placing a high magnitude on creating a quality artwork.


The Canvas


Kristopher paints on a mixture of different surfaces, from linen to hardboard. He has found they all possess their own unique qualities and enjoys having the freedom to choose between them. Once the surface has been chosen, it is than carefully primed with 3-5 layers of acrylic Gesso. Gesso acts as a bond, assembling the paint to the canvas. Once dry, the Gesso is sanded in-between layers so the resulting surface has an egg shell like ambiance.


Paints and Brushes


Kristopher chooses to work with artist quality oil paints and brushes only. Experience has provided evidence of their many advantages. Not only are they nicer to work with, but they also reflect a higher standard within the completed canvas.




Kristopher strives to reach above average presentation standards. He feels, because this is the final step of a sometimes long and pain staking process, it only seems natural to finish on a high standard. As a result he chooses to enclose the majority of his paintings in a quality frame. A frame serves several different purposes, to enhance and enclose a work and to protect it from warping. The choice of frame comes from not only Kristopher or the client, but the framers them self's. An experienced framer with a trained eye has the ability to find the perfect mold, which will result in a solid and wonderful match. Any non-framed works are carefully painted around the edges.